Why are American Curriculum Schools Important in the UAE?

Why are American Curriculum Schools Important in the UAE?

Importance of American Curriculum Schools

UAE’s education system comprises both public and private schools. Private schools supply 90% of the pedagogy, some of which offer American, British, French, or other curricula, such as the French Baccalaureat and others). All children between the ages of five and fifteen are required to attend school. The UAE is now considered an expat hub and has some of the highest concentration of international schools, out of which the American curriculum stands out.

American education has the ability to provide pupils with a unique environment for developing their skills through a balanced educational approach. Well-rounded students become capable of excelling in various subject areas, which is additionally backed by a wide choice of co-curricular activities.

A little bit about American Curriculum

In the United States, the curriculum is derived in a variety of different ways. The Common Core State Standards Initiative was introduced sometime in June 2009 by the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) in collaboration with a group of educators from around the country. At the end of every grade, it was an initiative that would outline what students studying k-12 should know about mathematics, English, history, social studies, and other subjects. Overall, the curriculum stresses consistency in educational standards across the United States while ensuring that students graduate and enter into credit-bearing courses and college programs to join the futuristic workforce eventually.

Why are American Curriculum Schools Important in the UAE?

American Curriculum in the UAE

Parents must understand the details of the American Curriculum and what differentiates it from the rest. Schools offering American curriculum place their priorities on high achievement standards, which is why the curriculum is top-rated in international schools. The diploma awarded in these schools is accepted by all U.S. Universities and institutions around the world.

The demand for American Schools in the UAE

The UAE is home to one of the world’s largest markets for private international schools. It is estimated that foreign immigrants make up the majority of the country’s population. As a result, foreign schools that implement curricula from certain nations, particularly the United States, are highly demanded. American Public schools are the best, which goes for schools overseas and in the Middle East. With the American educational model being applied to schools in the UAE, you cannot deny that they offer students some of the most incredible opportunities. Parents consider this education a catalyst to better achievements as their children get accepted into colleges and universities in the United States.

American curriculum in the UAE tend to be extensive, varied, and more inclusive incorporating global competencies. Subjects such as humanities, literature, and arts carry a lot of importance because simply testing students academically is not their only aim. U.S. Curriculum in the UAE blends cultures and strives to engage society fully. At MAS, we are passionate about our teaching and infusing robust Arabic cultural language programs as well.


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In the conclusion, the American Curriculum for schools is an excellent, internationally recognized system that provides students with a first-class educational framework. It is especially suitable for students planning to attend a US university or families who move frequently. MAS is delighted to invite all families to our brand new campus for school tour with our founding principal.

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